Thursday, 5 June 2014

Reset the Net to actualize freedom of thought by securing privacy

I just found out about a campaign starting today, June 5th, called Reset the Net.  It's a bit late (in the day) to get everything set up on my site in time but it is something I want to recognize and encourage.  Unlike most campaigns it is not about asking you to send in money for someone else to fix a problem.  It is about all of us taking a moment to protect that which is most dear to us: our privacy.  

Ending mass surveillance by governments can be achieved through the electoral process, by voting in dedicated representatives to executive, legislative, and judicial offices.  But before we get to enjoy the fruits of that lengthy process, there is something else we can do here and now.  Users and developers of the internet (at all levels) can begin securing the spaces they control, plugging the leaks that government agencies exploit in their misguided attempt to save us by monitoring everything we do.

This is simply a matter of finding and installing the apps, programs, whatever and installing them.  The groups involved are attempting to gather these things together, so that it is easy to get what you need without having to hunt all over the place.  Also, they are networking with companies that make the internet run to get them to put them in place on (or as part of) their systems (streamlining the process for you).

Check out the site and consider taking the pledge and (the second part is more important) committing yourself to secure your corner of the internet.  

I'm not computer tech savvy, I am a very busy person, and I am also quite lazy in the little free time I have.  But I know this is part of the solution.  A major part.  As this technology becomes popular, and mainstream it will become the new normal and so easier to use.  It will also reduce our dependence on the government to police itself.  So I intend to make the pledge and start taking steps to secure the (rather) small corner I hold.

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