Sunday, 13 April 2014

Against a Moral Landscape

I'm officially opening the site with the "publication" of my full response to Dr Sam Harris's book, The Moral Landscape.   Pictured above is my well worn and marked-up copy of said book.  While I found the overall concept intriguing, I had severe problems with the details (or lack thereof).

It seemed to me that Harris's intent was not so much about launching a well thought out moral system, but rather to indict moral relativism and multiculturalism (as abettors of religious intolerance).  In my response, I deal with both his moral theory and his criticisms of other moral positions.

You can also check out my entry into Harris's essay contest.  It contains some of my arguments against the moral system he advances.  It wasn't chosen, but that does not mean the points have been refuted by Harris, or can be.  I wish the winner of the contest much success in moving Harris toward a more sound position regarding (science and) morality.

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